Shadowing Videos

Shadowing Videos

The following videos are a three-part series by Student Doctor Thompson, a second-year medical student. These videos are all available on YouTube and are placed here merely for discussion and convenience. Anyone who finds these videos helpful may want to follow his channel, where he discusses the experiences that he has encountered while pursuing medical school.

Part: 1 – What is Shadowing?

Student Doctor Thompson provides a brief overview of shadowing a physician. He provides a description of what shadowing entails and why shadowing is an important part of preparing for medical school. He also discusses briefly how to find shadowing experiences.

Part: 2 – The Experience

In this video, Student Doctor Thompson provides information concerning the shadowing experience itself. Topics include what to expect during your shadowing experiences, what to wear, and how to act.

Part: 3 – Letters of Recommendation

In part 3 of the series, Student Doctor Thompson talks about how to request strong letters of recommendation. If through shadowing a physician, you’ve been able to develop a professional relationship, a strong letter of recommendation could potentially enhance the strength of your application.


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