2014 AMCAS Application Delayed / Rescheduled

2014 AMCAS Application Delay

Originally, the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) had scheduled the opening of the 2014 medical school applications for May 1, 2013. However, it’s obvious that the application opening has been delayed, given by the following notice from AMCAS:


The 2014 AMCAS application opening has been rescheduled to May 8 at 9:30 a.m. ET for those applying to the 2014 entering class.


Although students are not able to submit their applications until a week after the application opens, students are still able to begin entering information. This gives ambitious students the opportunity to complete the 9 sections of the AMCAS application prior to the application being open for submissions.

Why start the 2014 AMCAS application early? 

The 9 sections of the AMCAS application are known to take inordinate amounts of time. There are two sections in particular that require extensive amounts of work – the “Course Work” (Section 4) and the “Work/Activities” (Section 5).

The Course Work Section of the AMCAS Application

In the Course Work section, students are required to individually enter the information for each course taken after high school. The information input for each course includes:

  1. The semester the course was taken.
  2. The year the course was taken.
  3. The classification of the course.
  4. The grade the student made in the course.
  5. The course title and course number.
  6. The number of credit hours for the course.

The Work/Activities Section of the AMCAS Application

In the Work/Activities section, students are able to input information for highlighting their involvement on and off campus, including awards, work and volunteer activities, research experience, and shadowing experiences. Students are allotted 700 or fewer characters to provide a description for each of 15 entries. However, they may elect to identify up to three experiences as “meaningful”. The “meaningful” experiences give the medical school applicant the ability to add an additional description of up to 1325 characters.

As you can see, completing just these two sections can be very time consuming. As a result, medical school applicants could use the extra time.

AMCAS could not be reached to inquire about the delay and they have not stated the reason for the delay. Fear not, along with its delay notice, AMCAS has stated that the medical school application is now scheduled to open May 8 at 9:30 a.m.


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